SDH april flyer


4.17  Some Dark Holler @ Cafe Du Nord w. Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu)
2170 Market st, San Francisco

4.19 SDH @ The Terminal w. Work (16bitchpileup, Child Pornography) Dadfag, Kraakdoos, Darwinsbitch * 3957 San Leandro, Oakland

4.23 SDH @ Grand Regency w. Throbbing Gristle SOLD OUT
1290 Sutter St., San Francisco

4.29 SDH @ UC Irvine w. Dan Friel and Chen Santa Maria * Irvine

4.30 SDH @ The Smell w. Dan Friel, Chen Santa Maria, Lucky Dragons, and The Finches * Los Angeles

5.1  SDH @ Pehrspace w. Dan Friel, Chen Santa Maria * Los Angeles

5.2  – SDH @ Oven51 w. Dan Friel, Chen Santa Maria, and High Castle 
San Francisco



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