SDH at Cafe Du Nord


Ok man I gotta admit I had a pretty great time opening up for Throbbing Gristle.  Damn I could get used to those big stages.  And that big sound!!!  Special thanks to Mick and Alo for helping out with that.  The only thing that bums me out is that I don’t have any pictures from that set!  If you have some please get in touch: * myrobobedroom AT  * But here is a pic from our Cafe Du Nord show with Jamie Stewart.  It was taken from DO THE FEEDBACK, which also posted a nice review of the set.  In fact, I’m going to excerpt here:

When we got up toward the stage and saw three non-Xiu Xiuers setting up gear, I’m not going to lie to you; I was bummed. When the singer got up to the microphone, said their name was Some Dark Holler and that their set was going to depict the birth and death of rock and roll I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes so hard that I gave myself a hernia. And you know what’s fucked up? They kinda did it. Starting out as a slow, bluesy dirge and then erupting into one of the most vicious maelstroms I have ever witnessed, the three members really did conjure up a spot on middle finger to some of rock music’s more bullshit laden conventions. Never have I been so anti a group and then immediately turned around by their music. I don’t care if they play one long continuous 30 minutes song, I would watch that shit for 30 hours. And then I’d probably die. But whatevs. I was doubly lucky in that I accidentally got to see them play “Kind Hearted Woman” again when they opened for Throbbing Gristle a couple nights later (though simply under the name Erika Anderson). The Regency Center, with its cavernous sound, and harsh lights suited their deconstructionist, feedback overloaded sound and I can’t imagine anyone in the sold out crowd was disappointed. I certainly wasn’t.

(If I’m doing this wrong lemme know, I’m still new to “blogging”, if you will.  Isn’t this called reposting?)  I really liked it as a review, as it’s always interesting to see how what you say and do is perceived, especially since I thought I was being cool by talking about destroying rocknroll.  Apparently not!


(even nikki looks skeptical)


And if you missed us in the fancy rock clubs and want to see us in trashy dives like THE SMELL (just kidding!  I cut my teeth at the smell.  Probably played there more times than any other venue), we have a couple of shows coming up with the awesome DAN FRIEL and CHEN SANTA MARIA.  Unfortunately, we will be sans Aaron Davis, our bass player and drone master also known as ACRE. 😦 But come out and say hi!

awesome tour poster by paul morgan

awesome tour poster by paul morgan

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  1. michaelz says:

    A few Grand Ballroom photos here:

    Throbbing Gristle 1

    Great set, thanks!

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