So I’m finally almost recovered from all my recent playing, practicing and a short stint on the road.  Much love and thanks to Chen Santa Maria and Dan Friel.  Dan got me whiskey drunk the last night of tour, and I came up with a whole new ending to the song!  Oh whiskey, you’re my darling.

Here’s a few videos from tour.  This one was taken by good friend and awesome KSPC station manager Erica Tyron.  It’s a kind of jerky handicam video of the first 12 minutes of our Throbbing Gristle set:


I know there was a pro camera crew there, thanks to Mobilization and Recombinant Media Labs, so hopefully at some point a video of the full concert will be available.


And for those in the know, (and in the bay!) we played a few nights before TG at the TERMINAL in Oakland.  I think this one might be my favorite cuz it’s all dark and mysterious:



And lastly we have some footage from The Smell.  This was the first show me and lil sis Nicole played as a duo, after Aaron Davis went back to Portland Pizza land, and it’s got some great close-ups of Nik’s awesome drumming skills.  Courtesy of the the rad Penny Ante magazine.



Once again if you have any pics or videos to send, please get in touch!  myrobobedroom AT .  Or if you just want to say hi.  I’m still new to this blahhging stuff…

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