Ok so we got some footage of the recent GOWNS show in Oakland.  We played as a 2piece for the first time in years.  Some of it is normal quality (thanks Connor!)  and some of it is totally blown out and crazy.  I like it.  I think the show sounded great.  Ezra was processing everything, all vox and guitar and his keyboard.  He was running it all through his computer, through supercollider patches he wrote himself.  That’s our secret recipe.  You can hear it really well on “Rope”, where the computer samples the live guitar, chops it up, pitch-shifts it and runs it backwards.  YEAH that shit ain’t even proprietary, just not that many people can do what he does.  He’s real nice though and shares.  You can download some software he wrote here from his site.  He has a tone application and a noise generator for you to play with.  Thanks Ezra!!!



And here is the super blown-out footage, which fits the sound.  We were clipping the input (purposely) of our interface which kind of makes it sound like it’s coming through a blown boombox speaker.  I love it!  Sonic assault.




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