ok, lots of stuff going on.

GOWNS featured on LIVE AT THE SMELL DVD. release party THURSDAY 8.27 in LA!
GOWNS “latitudes” session imminently released by Southern Records.
GOWNS going to CANADA and the EAST COAST:

9.5 TORONTO – extermination night
9.10 BROOKLYN – death by audio
9.11 MANHATTAN – cake shop
9.12 BROOKLYN – west nile.

also, we work on the new record, late at night over in a lovely bright corner of dirrty west oakland we have lovingly dubbed “EAST NILE”. aren’t those oberlin boys everywhere? i think i finally might have found my favorite though…

here is my new favorite song. it’s by ester dean. no video really, just sounds but i can’t find it anywhere but youtube. i heard it the other day on KMEL while i was driving and the whole fucking set they played was so good that i got goosebumps. it culminated in this and it’s all i could remember to google later: “drop it low girl”. some of the info says chris brown is on it but i hope not cuz fuck him after what he did to rihanna, right?

OK more details on the above:


i haven’t seen this yet and of course i’m nervous to cuz in most cases ezra and i would both rather get a root canal than watch live footage of ourselves. also, because of timing, we’re the only band that has no audience! we had to record it one afternoon before we played a show because micheal and bobb couldn’t make it that night. so as bobb says in his filmmaker’s blurb:

“The Gowns were the only ones to not have had an audience, but it was either this way or not at all, due to scheduling constraints. So the awkward 1980s music video vibe of their segment was the lesser of two evils. Still, I don’t notice anything lacking, and I hope you can tell them how good they are, cos they are great people and great artists.”

aww… thanks bobb! actually, despite my girlie-girl aw-shucksing i am of course flattered to be included in this DVD. all the bands on here really are important and awesome. and micheal and bobb are awesome for making it work, making sure we made it on here, and choosing to use a fucking 13minute song of ours in their cut. EPIC!

but just to warn you i do have a really strange haircut. 80s skater hair, like this boy i had a crush on in middle school. still looking for a picture. closest i found was DOLPH from the simpsons.  in some ways it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless you believe like i do that the following EMF video is the basically the height of fashion right now…


CONFIRM OR DENY? (i’ll let you know after we play baltimore.)

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  1. little miss nowhere says:

    ok found out chris brown is on that new ester dean song, so now i’m real conflicted about loving it so much because he’s a fucking beast, right? i mean, teethmarks!?!

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