Jesus ok, know I haven’t updated for a second but man this has been kind of a crazy 2 weeks filled with mucho ROCK. First of all, last last Friday we threw a really fun show for BLUES CONTROL at Studio 1510 in West Oakland. Super great lineup that included WORK (Sarah from 16bitchpileup and Erin from Child Pornography), JAWS (one man band, white pants and a knife) SIC ALPS (the same band you know and love now with noel from comets on fire playing drums) and of course Blues Control from NYC. (Terry Riley was playing up the street, but Blues Control is basically the modern equivalent, dig?) The only bad part was that I forgot my damn camera so I have no video or pictures of it. BUT the good news is that since the show was in a studio we got a really nice recording of all the bands, which I will post now for your benefit. You can thank me later. Or thank LEIF from Studio 1510 (aka “East Nile”). Send him a postcard.





Right after that Ezra was here and we practiced and wrote a new piece and then went down to LA to play it.  We played at the ECHO with 60 WATT KID, BEST COAST and TEARIST, all totally sweet bands that represent a cool cross-section of what is going on in LA, (and 3 out of us 4 were female-fronted, so howabout that?)  Which is part of the reason it was especially flattering to get this really nice write up in the LA WEEKLY…  The picture choice is a little funny, as it shows the old European tour lineup from 2 years ago, but I guess the one with 4 people really does look the most like a real “band” and nothing says “lead singer” like a miniskirt!  But all kidding aside, it was a very nice surprise and a great review. 


Another great thing was playing this new piece that I really like.  It’s huge and epic with swirling strident viola exploding into industrial guitar feedback.  It’s also about 15-20 minutes long, which I feel like is a really good length for a song.  We got a chance to track it in a little back shed in Claremont, and the question now of course is how to put it out.  Do we try to record more and make it part of a “full-length” album?  Does it make any sense to release “full-length” albums anymore?  Is one 20 minute piece the same as an EP?  What if we put track breaks in it?  Does a work that long still cost 99¢ on iTunes?  Please weigh in with comments if you’ve got any advice.  In some ways it seems so baroque!  having to wait for a physical object.  But on the other hand, something that never makes it out of ones and zeroes is kind of like the puppet that never becomes the real boy…  



me and lil sis, funny face


Right after I got home from that lil sis showed up to practice for our new grunge band WHEEL.  I had been wanting to make music with her again since she played with me in Some Dark Holler when we opened up for Throbbing Gristle.  She is an all-around excellent player, but in many ways the part I like best is harmonizing vocals with her.  It’s a total old-timey/Carter Family style pleasure, the sister vocals relating and overlapping, weaving around each other.  Our first show was a little shaky but overall really rewarding.  Here’s a short video of the show we played at 21 GRAND in Oakland:



That night’s show was especially fun as I got to reconnect with some old and new friends.  


We played with TALK NORMAL again, who have a new record out on Rare Book Room Records.  Here is a video of them from when we played together in Brooklyn.  WET HAIR also played that night, which is Shawn Reed from Racoooon’s new band.  Someone described it as the Doors playing Can, which I liked, cuz there is lots of nice tranced out Manzerik-sounding keys, and also singing that is kind of a Morrison/Suzuki hybrid.  But that’s a stretch so don’t quote me!


colin's black eye

jeff and darren cuddle up on the couch


Another good thing is that I finally got to give Shawn a master of some solo material that will be coming out as a tape on his label NIGHT PEOPLE.  It’s all little song-y things that were improvised straight to tape late at night mostly in my bedroom, using the voice function on the tape player to create a weird whirling atmosphere, really using the tape as another instrument.  It’s going to be called Little Sketches On Tape, and I’ll post more info as the release date nears…

Sorry this post was so scene-y but these coupla weeks were crazy!  Next post will include roasted kale recipes and outfit ideas that utilize blaze orange.

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  1. Nick C says:

    happy xmas erika! well done for tagging “child pornography”. short skirts rule fyi.

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