GOWNS: final release

ezra and erika 2007

As of last week, the collaboration between artists Erika Anderson, Ezra Buchla, and Corey Fogel, also known as GOWNS, has ceased to breathe.

The band had been together for about 5 years, creating in that time a small-run EP known as Dangers of Intimacy, the critically acclaimed LP Red State, a recently released Latitudes Session for Southern Records, as well as a standout appearance on the Live At The Smell DVD.


Pitchfork Media once described GOWNS as “one of the most heart-stoppingly great live bands on Earth”, and it was the same tension that produced these electrifying performances that ultimately drove us apart.  Another reviewer once referred to the themes of light and darkness that ran through Red State, which funnily enough I had never noticed, but seems now like an apt metaphor for the entire experience in general.

We were tapping into some very raw emotions, and I’m ultimately proud of the risks we took.  In spite of anything else, I feel like we were honest, and I feel like we were brave.

I’m also proud of the sounds we created, as though the combination of our talents created something that was rare and unique.

Before this we were just finishing work on a piece for our next record, and I think in many ways it’s one of the best things we’ve done.  At 17 minutes long, it’s a good representation of everyone doing the best of what they do best:  it’s got Corey’s frenetic yet graceful drum patterns, Ezra’s swelling viola drones, a rhythmic and powerful guitar line, and a vocal and lyrical style that is at once direct and oblique.

I’m posting it here as a free download, because I know people were anxious to hear something new from us, and I know we had kept them waiting far too long.  I’d like to think of this as our final release.

I’m sorry we couldn’t keep it together.





please click above to hear entire song, a short excerpt is below


Please feel free to forward  and REPOST this link.  The distribution of it is now in your hands.+


Like Gowns’ fantastic 2007 album Red State, this set was positively charged with desperate energies and highlighted by moments of profound focus and clarity. During those brightest moments (light and brightness being a leitmotif of Red State) it feels as though Gowns are grasping at some quintessential truth, and in so doing, tottering at the edge of oblivion. And then oblivion always wins.


All members continue to be involved with other endeavors.

EMA has a soon-to-be released tape on the Iowa City-based Night People label, which is paired with a short personal essay on  fidelity and nostalgia, and a collaborative art project.  Find info on that here.

Also in the works is a digital LP version of the Some Dark Holler material, including a Hobo Code/graphic score of the epic “Kind-Hearted Woman”, which was performed earlier this year in support of Throbbing Gristle’s recent US tour.  More info on that here.

EMA: http://cameouttanowhere.com

EZRA BUCHLA: http://catfact.net/

COREY FOGEL: http://knitdrums.tumblr.com/

Most releases remain in print, but some are down to only a few copies.  Please email to inquire about Red State, Broken Bones; info on the brand new vinyl re-release of Dangers of Intimacy, here.


While GOWNS has ceased, we still have love in our hearts, and haven’t ruled out the possibility of future collaborations.

Please contact thegowns@gmail.com for more information.






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14 Responses to GOWNS: final release

  1. . says:

    thanks for all the great shows over the years. we will love you forever.

  2. jon says:

    this is a bummer! what you were doing was maybe too great for the masses to appreciate, but know that you definitely reached my ears. glad i was able to see you perform live.

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  4. Nate D says:

    So few bands have the combination of heart, inventive talent, and gut-wrenching honesty to pull off what you’ve done over the years. Thank you.

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  6. Zoe says:

    Wow. That’s truly an amazing song. Wish I could have seen you guys perform live during your existence… In any case, it’s a wonderful thing for you to have released for free, and I greatly appreciate it.


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  9. Jayson says:

    As usual I am late to the party. Just heard The Gowns (really diggin it) and find it is over. Well looking forward to the next thing.


  10. toby says:

    Gutted to read you have stopped playing together.
    I helped put on a show for you in Leeds, UK a couple of years ago. It was mid-week and utterly freezing in the venue and hardly anyone showed. I remember various gowners desperately rooting around in the free shop trying to find extra layers to keep warm and looking like they really wanted to be any where else but there. I was really overly excited to see you and loved the set despite all the glum, frosted covered faces! Shame its over but here’s to the future!

  11. little miss nowhere says:

    oh my! Thank you for writing, I appreciate it. Yes, touring england in winter was the sort of miscalculation I’m hoping to avoid in the future. That shit was like the Donner Party! Although I do remember getting to play through a real bitchin amp for that show, which is always a treat.

    I do hope to come back, one way or another. Maybe next time not the week before Christmas???

    More thoughts on the subject:

    http://cameouttanowhere.com/2010/01/03/broken-bones/ ?

  12. sean says:

    noooooo! you will be missed. thanks for the last song.

  13. Tom says:

    Loved it, quality live, drummer is a genius, maybe all 3 or you are, have your music now and forever…

    and the rope…

    come back some day please and tell everyone il be there and will bring lots of friends

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