And here’s me cashing in on the exoticism of my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It’s an excerpt of the piece I did at the Queens Muscle show a couple weeks ago.  The set wove in and out between narrative and music, and this section cuts to the end of a longer story and focuses mostly on the loop/ARP/MAX version of Danzig’s “ARCHANGEL”.  (Gawd he’s just so big, dumb and sexy)  The whole thing is really a love letter to all the rough and tumble boys in my hometown who taught me how to throw TVs off of balconies.  But in the excerpt it comes off as a little harsh; my apologies to J.H. Diamond, who bears the brunt._

I know that’s not really a “video” so much as a static shot, but video seems like the only searchable medium these days (skip to 7:30 if you get bored).  So if you want more of a real video, I’ve got one for ya.  It’s Psychic Handbook doing a cover of “White Like Heaven” on the day after Christmas at Rhinoceropolis in Denver.  It’s a little dark and at first you can’t see the singer, so I thought in the beginning that maybe it was a record.  She starts to fucking wail at about 2 minutes in and it sounds so good.  I always wished I could wail like that.

I think they do a really beautiful job and it gives me the craziest feeling to watch.  Kind of makes me cry actually, but also makes me wonder if now other people are more easily able to access that person who wrote the song than I do.  That person:  me.

One of the members was DJing at Cansifus’ comedy night at the Ivy, and he ordered a drink next to me at the bar, but I couldn’t talk to him.  What did he give me by playing that song?  I will never be able to put it into the right words.





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1 Response to VIOLENT WORLD

  1. C. says:

    Goddamn. That’s awesome. Thanks.

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