Here is a short preview of a new video I’m working on for an EMA solo song: CALIFORNIA (featuring UFOs, skaters, and a homemade Danzig Tshirt–it’s really more about boys than geography, dig?)


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6 Responses to CALI TEASE

  1. Greydon Clark says:

    Definitely a tease, more song please.

  2. jon says:

    Sounds like it’s gonna be epic!

  3. whitman says:

    I always loved that song. I hope you finish it and release it somehow.

  4. lorrie says:

    whoa!! ACES!! sounds even better than that tense live in-studio version last year, which blew my mind sideways even then. can’t wait for its completion!! xo

    • little miss nowhere says:

      yay! thanks! i’m workin on all sorts of stuff. as I said, updates very, very soon… 😉

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