EMA is the new basement bedroom garage

ok.  got talked into calling the music EMA and not AWE.  C’mon, nobody likes AWE???  Hmm…  Think it was cuz the necklace is so cool…

took some new pics in my new basement/garage/bedroom.  For reals they are all one!  Not just making it up to create some sort of super-genre 😉

Grunge, yeah?  Now here’s a treat:


EMA – The Grey Ship by earfood99

Just promise me you’ll listen on something worthy so u can hear the BASS drop!


Aright brahs, already getting some comments and feedback on this so mebbe I explain a little?

Stoked y’all are here so fast!

First of all, yeah I’m really excited and happy about my first solo album, and I’m about to start releasing some tracks from it.  They have been with me way too long and I’m excited to get them out in the world!

As far as Grey Ship goes (and in fact the whole album), I’ve always been fascinated with fidelity as some sort of sonic signifier, like how different production and recording techniques make a song mean something different depending on the qualities of sound.  Take for example how something lo-fi signifies something different than to us something hi-fi.

It’s hard to say if that is just because of our experiences with lo-fi tape things as being early documents, (equals demos, naivete, authenticity)  or if tape really does have some sort of magical alchemical property that just sort of glues stuff together and makes it beautiful.  I mean, it’s MAGNETS BRO, THINK ABOUT IT!!!

So for a long time I’ve wanted to make a piece that changes fidelity in the middle of the song, from lo-fi to hi-fi.  I imagined it being like when Dorothy opens the door to Oz and the whole world turns from black and white to technicolor.

So the first part of this song is recorded on a 4track and it’s sposed to be kind of a hippie song about aliens.  And then the bass drops and electronics come in.  (One thing about lo-fi is most of it doesn’t have BASS!  Do u miss it or no???)

But then after I wrote the rest of the song I realized it wasn’t about aliens, it was about Vikings, and the shift in fidelity serves as a signifier for a shift from the earthly plane to one beyond. And after the Viking funeral ship comes down from the sky I will be taken and faced with a line of my ancestors from from years and year past cross prairie plains and fjords.

You feel me?  I’m wine drunk.  Gonna post this and check for lucidity when I awake.

Hear my best wanna-be frusciante:



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6 Responses to EMA is the new basement bedroom garage

  1. Matt says:

    Does this constitute the big announcement/release? Is there more to come? That is a badass necklace and I do like that genre of room, it sounds pretty cool, and please imagine that the ellipses at the end of this sentence are blinking while I listen to that track. . .

    so far, totally not what I expected and take that how you will I guess. . .

    I really like this. It’s pretty different from the other things I’ve heard you do. Those aren’t meant to be exclusively causally related. It’s almost like a pop track, sort of. . . and I’m too lazy to explain that. . . but it still has that reeeaaally long like buildup with a giant crescendo and all that, which is really effective and I like it a lot.

    Too much praise. Sorry.

    This is cool, though. I’m actually done listening now. And it’s cool. I imagine there’s a larger release coming up eventually. I hope there will also be shows. Specifically, the kind that are occasionally in Southern California. (If those do happen, by the way, and you happen to need a band to play with, I happen to have one. Its bandcamp ought to be linked. If that interests you. Regardless, you should play down here at some point yeah yeah yeah. That’s my opinion.)

    Wayy too much typing. Too much rambling. Let me make it worse. Let me make it worse. That’s not funny.

  2. M. says:

    Dare I say it’s AWE-some! 😉 You’re electric guitar parts always impress me.

  3. Beautiful track, truly amazing. I have made some probably-less-than-insightful comments on my definitively-rarely-updated blog. http://thebrainrocks.com/

    Are you doing anything with Night People? Or do they just like you?

    Is your family from Denmark? I noticed the flag and Danish writing on your grandpas (?) t-shirt below.

    I am listening to Gowns now. Should have gotten to that earlier. Looking forward to hearing lots more from you.

  4. little miss nowhere says:

    Hey ya! thanks for looking me up! “mouth like the sun” is from a tape I released on Night People. It’s all completely improvised, lyrics, notes everything. Hence the looseness! You can read more about it here: <a href="http://cameouttanowhere.com/music/little-sketches-on-tape/&quot; http://cameouttanowhere.com/music/little-sketches-on-tape/

    along with a visual art collaboration. check it!

    Grandpa may or may not be from Denmark. Grandma thinks she is Danish but there are some rumors otherwise. Both were orphaned young. I’m just Scandi-mutt. Other Grandma and Grandpa — one was Swedish and one was Norwegian, which apparently in those days constituted a “mixed” marriage!

    Another family legend is that great great grandmother was the inspiration for O E Rolvaag’s “Giants In The Earth”, the character Beret who comes to American and then goes insane on the prairie.

    Hence, the song.

  5. Chris says:

    Great Frusciante-Wannabe-Pic…really 😉

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