EMA – California (Official Video) from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

IT is true that I moved to California after high school because I liked “Welcome To The Jungle”.  That and “LA Woman” (and even TOOL’s awesome 7-minute drum ballad “AEnema“).  I was 17 when I decided to go (I had my parents urging, who didn’t actually like my back-up plan of smoking pot and being a waitress).  I didn’t know where I wanted to go and in fact I was afraid to go anywhere.  As naive as it sounds, I picked LA because I thought it was a place where people went to write great songs.

I didn’t necessarily think I would ever end up writing one of my own.

This video was shot as one performance take with no edits.  The background is a mixture of footage from South Dakota and my adopted West Oakland.  Thanks to Leif Shackelford and EASTNILE.  The white light flares correspond to the drum beats and the angel rays correspond to my voice.

My first music video.  Hope you enjoy.

Also just really want to thank everyone for their support so far.  About a year ago to this day I was ready to quit music, move back into my parents’ basement in SD and spend the next 5 years in a snuggie.  It feels nice to be back and busy.  Do I hate Cali?  Nah.  But someone’s gotta rep the darkside of the zeitgeist. 🙂

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4 Responses to OH, CALIFORNIA!

  1. EMAfan says:

    You are really talented. I’m so glad you decided to pursue music instead of becoming a snuggie-wearing-basement-dwelling-hermit 🙂
    I love all the new songs i’ve heard. keep up the good work. I hope I get to see you live this year.

  2. Mathias says:

    Fucking beautiful!

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  4. mark says:

    There is such a raw beauty to this video. That it was shot as one performance take with no edits is quite brilliant, really adds to the emotional pull of the song. Well done!

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