EMA is coming to Australia and New Zealand as part of the awesome St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.  The lineup is fucking insane (Austra, Cults, Chairlift, Fiest, Horrors, M83, Twin Shadow, GIRLS etc, etc, etc).  I think it will probably be at least as exciting as this thrilling scene from one of my favorite childhood movies The Man From Snowy River (AU).  Wild horses!  Cute cowboys!  Dramatic and dangerous equestrian stunts!  I’m sure we can find all that and more at this festival, don’t you think?

  • 01/28/2012  AU  Brisbane  St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival         
  • 01/30/2012  NZ  Auckland  St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival        
  • 02/03/2012  AU  Melbourne  East Brunswick Club w/ Yuck      
  • 02/04/2012  AU  Melbourne  The Tote                                                
  • 02/04/2012  AU  Melbourne  St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival    
  • 02/05/2012  AU  Sydney  St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival            
  • 02/09/2012  AU  Sydney  Oxford Arts Factory w/ Yuck              
  • 02/10/2012  AU  Adelaide  St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival        
  • 02/11/2012  AU  Perth  St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival                

We are also doing some sideshows with the kool kool YUCK and playing a headlining show in Melbourne.

Just to get us both pumped, here are a few more of my favorite things from “Down Under”:

Once Were Warriors (book and film)

Super creepy great song by Split Enz…“I don’t know why sometimes I get frightened…”

Midnight Oil!

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Micro-tonal instrument builder and composer Kraig Grady.  I used to perform with his Shadow Theatre of Anaphoria back when he lived in LA.  He now lives in Australia.  His music and performances are some of the most beautiful and hypnotic things I have ever seen.  If you get a chance to experience it, you must go!!!

Heavenly Creatures – Kate Winslet’s first movie about 2 girls who commit murder.  Loved this when I was a teenager…

Performance artist/noise musician Justice Yeldham-warning it ends in blood.

What am I missing?  What AU/NZ books do I need to be reading?  Which Flying Nun bands should make up my plane-ride playlist?  Do I really need to read and download “The Thorn Birds”???

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19 Responses to EMA in OZ

  1. ken says:

    When we were in Australia last year, I picked up a copy of Rod Moss’s “The Hard Light of Day” about his time spent with the aborigines. Interesting and sad, if a little repetitive.

  2. Erika, u just can’t ignore The Birthday Party (Nick Cave), although my favorite garage-rock bands from the eighties are still The Scientists and The Died Pretty. Other good stuff: The Stems, The Eastern Dark, Lime Spiders, Hard-Ons, …

  3. The Triffids were an amazing band. Check out their Born Dandy Devotional album. Don’t forget the perfect songwriting chops of The Go-Betweens. And as Marc V said, Nick Cave, The Birthday Party etc… A good novel is Voss by Patrick White.

    Link to my review of Past Life Martyred Saints:


    It was my album of the year on State.ie

  4. Thanks for the mention!!
    Lets hook up when you are in Sydney! kraiggrady@anaphoria.com

  5. timothy e says:

    a film called “bad boy bubby”
    is the most fucked up thing to come out of down under ever!
    also a novel, “the tax inspector” by peter carey is nice and wrong too.

  6. Phil says:

    checkout out Rowland S. Howard, he makes some beautiful noise. there’s a great doco that’s just come out called Autoluminescent (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2015298/combined ) about his life, music and death.

  7. INdy says:

    Hey there,
    INdy here, Vix and I spoke to you at the Doug Fir in Portland when you performed here last…. recall we spoke of Australia? Anyways you should read, “In a Sunburned Country” on the plane, its funny and factual and a great book, http://amzn.to/1CCRrt. Also, Snakadaktal, Art vs Science, Gotye, Kimbra, Bliss N Eso, Boy & Bear, The Jezabels, Strange Talk, and Xavier Rudd are some of our favs, many more all on our blog girl! Cheers, have a fun trip, let us know! Indy x

  8. emb says:

    maurice gee

  9. emb says:

    peter carey

  10. Hans says:

    What are you missing? Xena, of course!


  11. Alan Holt says:

    Flying Nun bands you should hear…
    The Dead C
    Look Blue Go Purple
    Marie & The Atom
    Tall Dwarfs
    Queen Meanie Puss
    King Loser
    The Clean
    The 3ds
    The Great Unwashed
    The Gordons
    The Able Tasmans
    25 Cents
    Into The Void
    Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos
    The Puddle
    This Kind Of Punishment

    Also amazing but not on FN are The Garbage And The Flowers. Their 1st album is long out of print but def worth killing and maiming for.

  12. Other Flying Nun stuff: Bailter Space – massive, massive walls of beautiful guitar noise. Not sure what labels they were on, but try The Chills (NZ) and The Church (AU) too.

    • Alan Holt says:

      Unguarded Moment by the Church is one of my fave 80’s pop songs. Awesomely fatalistic.. “Tell those girls with rifles for minds/That their jokes don’t make me laugh/
      They only make me feel like dying/In an unguarded moment”

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