So long before there was Newermind (ok not that long before.  5 years?) GOWNS performed a Nirvana set at the now deceased Il Corral in LA.  It was a “cover band” night and we told everyone that we were doing George Thorogood and then busted into Aneurysm.  Sloppy and chaotic but it was a lot of fun.  I just remembered these and thought I would post them.  Thanks to Whitman for bringing along a tape recorder or these would be lost forever, as so many great fun performances are.

I left the crowd noise and tuning in so you can get a sense of the rowdiness of the night.  People were drinking and laughing, swinging from a rope hanging from the ceiling, moshing even!  Although Ezra and Corey might hate how sloppy these songs are, listening to them now made me remember how much fun it was to play with them.

clean up before she comes
you know you’re right

AND keeping up with the NorthWest vibe, EMA is playing MUSICFESTNORTHWEST!  (that’s MFNW to those in the know)  Which is a fuckkin killer festival in Portland.  Check out the lineup here.  We play THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH at the super sweet HOLOCENE.  Somehow we get to headline this awesome night which also features TWIN SISTER, BLOUSE, and SUN ANGLE.

and if you aren’t in the lands of grunge origin, i’m coming to Europe right after.  Check out the dates on the new EMA LIVE page.

see you soon?

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1 Response to MOSH NW

  1. don holz says:

    wow, just got the tape via mr. reed a while ago & now you’re even heading over to hamburg. see you there! don’t let them tell you about the Hamburgian beer.

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