Just got back from Europe!  Whew!  Germany Switzerland UK Belgium Netherlands, all fucking amazing, and of course, Vienna, where we got to record this sweet version of “Butterfly Knife” for FM4.  (Lots of other kickass live sessions in the works too, including a version of Anteroom recorded in a Parisienne crypt!)  So we walked into this radio studio in Vienna and there are like 3 Bosendorfer grand pianos, (all sweetly and stubbornly tuned to 444) so I thought, Hey! I’ve always wanted to do a piano version of “Butterfly Knife”.  And so we did.

In any case, I’d like to take this opportunity to define “we”.  This is my band!  And here are the people you will see onstage when you see EMA:

Leif Shackelford : violin, keyboards, co-producer and main collaborative partner in crime.  He ran EASTNILE (where a majority of PLMS was produced), builds amazing recording gear and boutique guitar pedals, and is also a helluva nice guy.


Nicole Anderson aka NKA aka “Aunt Dracula”.  My li’l sis hitting the skins.  She is shy but funny, refuses facebook and photoshoots and really does not want to provide her dorky older sister with any pictures or info to put on her website.


Nicky Mao : black-clad New Yorker, an only child thrown in to a family of pink-faced gee-golly Midwesterners.  Playing tough and mysterious second guitar.  She is also a very good sport.  Check out her kick-ass solo dreampop : Hiro Kone.

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8 Responses to MEET THE BAND

  1. Jos says:

    Just a quick hello, and to say that that was a powerful version of Butterfly Knife! Well done!

    Looking forward to seeing/hearing more about live/session work you did while away, that would be pretty sweet.


  2. Hope you get to Ireland next time, girl.

  3. Erika, it was nice to meet you in the garden of the Botanique (Brussels-Belgium).
    Remember what i told you: you’re gonna be a star … first there was Nico, then Patti, then Kim and Polly-Jean … and now there’s you.
    Thank you once more for signing your album: everytime you touch me left a ‘Marc’ 😉

  4. random driveby fan says:

    Nice. Love the piano. Love the acoustic. Talented drummer you got there.

    Um, hem, ‘scuzez moi…it’s Parisian…unless you mean a crypt specifically for female citizens of Paris. Which, okay, kinda dark but I guess it could work.

  5. marco says:

    Stunning rendition!! And Bosendorfers are best pianos ever…Tori Amos plays a Bose as well!! ❤

  6. fancypunk01 says:

    Hi you can read an interview of Hiro Kone on our blog today cheers 😉

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