Humbled and happy by the year end luv for this track.  I wanted to share with you a kind of funny and definitively fucked-up live version from our show in Athens, Greece.  I am kind of embarrassed by my braying swear yells of protest when things initially go awry, but I feel like as soon as we start to embrace the chaos, that’s when the magic happens.


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5 Responses to CHAOS AND EMBRACE: HAPPY 2011!

  1. marco says:

    I’ll try to embrace the chaos next year will bring to me, hoping for a fair amount of magic!
    Happy new year to you, and I’m happy this year our paths have crossed, hope it will happen again soon!! xoxo

  2. spiral says:

    Damn, that was one hell of a night! Thank you for not giving up on the song when everything went haywire, and thanks for all the magic; we really need it these days. Cheers from Athens 🙂

  3. thempah says:

    I saw that my flight was delayed on the board behind you, FUCK!

  4. philbrus says:

    Not CHAOS AND EMBRACE in Paris (Olympia) and I always love yououououo !!!

  5. Nothing to be embarrassed about there luv. This vid is just another good way for us poor saps to see you who still haven’t been lucky enough to get to a gig. Best wishes! — ddr

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